Hilary Term 2019

“We are super excited to be working with this term’s committee to deliver debates, speakers, socials and campaigning, every week. We are hosting speakers from across the Labour Party for stimulating panel discussions and Q&A sessions, organising opportunities for campaigning around Oxford and socials including Pizza and Politics, pub crawls and the John Smith Memorial Dinner.”

– Rosie and Owen, OULC Co-Chairs


Wednesday 1st week: Welcome drinks
Friday 1st week: Women*s film screening

Sunday 2nd week: Introduction to campaigning!
Monday 2nd week: Pizza and Politics
Tuesday 2nd week: Brexit panel
Wednesday 2nd week: Liberation drinks

Sunday 3rd week: Campaigning
Monday 3rd week: Women*s Social
Tuesday 3rd week: Paul Mason
Wednesday 3rd week: Book Club with Oxford Fabians
Thursday 3rd week: Nia Griffith MP (date TBC)
Sunday 4th week: Campaigning
Monday 4th week: Pizza and Politics
Tuesday 4th week: General Meeting
Wednesday 4th week: LGBTQIA+ Social
Thursday 4th week: Stephen Twigg MP Bar Crawl

Sunday 5th week: Campaigning
Tuesday 5th week: Labour Environment Campaign
Thursday 5th week: Love Democracy Panel
Friday 5th week: OULC goes to Made in Dagenham
Sunday 6th week: Campaigning
Monday 6th week: Women*s Pizza and Politics
Tuesday 6th week: Cllr Shaista Aziz
Wednesday 6th week: Tackling Antisemitism event
Friday 6th week: Disabled Members Social
Saturday 6th week: Homelessness campaign day
Sunday 7th week: Campaigning

Monday 7th week: Dance Kapital

Tuesday 7th week: Ross McKibbin

Wednesday 7th week: Book Club with Oxford Fabians

Friday 7th week: BAME social

Saturday 7th week: Look Left launch

Sunday 8th week: Campaigning

Monday 8th week: Pizza and politics

Wednesday 8th week: Termly General Meeting

Thursday 8th week: John Smith memorial dinner with Yvette Cooper