Michaelmas Term 2018

“Michaelmas Term 2018 will bring together the social movements that have played a key role in the transformation of Labour and the huge political upset of 2017. Rejecting a focus on big-name speakers, OULC will seek to give a voice to the grassroots of OULC’s movement.”

– Charlotte Austin & Francesca Best, OULC Co-Chairs


Sunday 1st week: campaigning
Monday 1st week: Welcome Drinks
Wednesday 1st week: LGBT+ social
Friday 1st week: Women*s film screening
Sunday 2nd week: campaigning
Tuesday 2nd week: homelessness debate panel
Thursday 2nd week: county council by-election
Sunday 3rd week: campaigning
Monday 3rd week: hot drinks and discussion
Tuesday 3rd week: proportional representation event
Thursday 3rd week: BAME social
Sunday 4th week: campaigning
Monday 4th week: Precarious workers’ panel (featuring Ian Hodson of BWAFU)
Wednesday 4th week: General Meeting
Thursday 4th week: Women*s social
Sunday 5th week: campaigning
Monday 5th week: disabled members’ social
Wednesday 5th week: John Healey, Shadow Secretary of State for Housing
Sunday 6th week: campaigning
Monday 6th week: hot drinks and discussion
Wednesday 6th week: LGBT+ and Women*s joint panel
Thursday 6th week: English Collective of Prostitutes
Sunday 7th week: campaigning
Tuesday 7th week: Ian Lavery, Chair of the Labour Party
Thursday 7th week: Grime 4 Corbyn
Saturday 7th week: Look Left Launch
Sunday 8th week: campaigning
Monday 8th week: Termly General Meeting
Thursday 8th week: Dance Kapital, Volume II