A Terrible Pool of Human Misery and Unhappiness

Ella Staddon, Co Chair-Elect MT22 In 1967, David Steel brought forward the seventh attempt in 14 years to decriminalise abortion in the UK. Nearly word-perfect to the four attempts that had been introduced since 1965, it had been co-sponsored and drafted by Labour MP Renée Short, whose crusade to reform abortion law had begun uponContinue reading “A Terrible Pool of Human Misery and Unhappiness”

8 Labour Women You Should Know About

Ella Staddon, Treasurer TT22 Originally written for Women’s History Month (although in my world, every month is women’s history month), I wanted to put to good use my knowledge of Labour women’s history to highlight eight Labour women MPs of the 20th century who should be better known. Despite making massive contributions, these women rarelyContinue reading “8 Labour Women You Should Know About”

The Ultimate Barbara Castle Reading List

By Ella Staddon, Women*s Officer As you may have noticed, last term the annual Barbara Castle lecture was unfortunately not included on the OULC term card. But as your Women*s Officer and local Barbara Castle fangirl, I feel sufficiently qualified to write an article detailing the various books, articles, online lectures and podcasts that mightContinue reading “The Ultimate Barbara Castle Reading List”

Happy Birthday Equal Pay?

‘There can be no doubt that this afternoon we are witnessing another historic advance in the struggle against discrimination in our society […] While other people have talked—lots of people have talked—we intend to make equal pay for equal work a reality, and, in doing so, to take women workers progressively out of the sweated labour class.’