Governing Documents

OULC Constitution TT22 (1)

Policy Book of the Oxford University Labour Club

OULC Commitment to Transparency and Accountability

Guide to writing motions

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Past Co-chairs

(this list is incomplete. If you were co-chair or can fill in any of the gaps from your time at OULC, please get in contact with us at


Anjali Kawa and Olly Boyland (MT21)

Amy Field and Danny Leach (HT22)

Maia Hamilton and Hari Bravery (TT22)


Matthew Kanjaya and Sophie Heath (MT20)

Sofia Cotterill and Beth Nott (HT21)

Danial Hussain and Laura Ennis (TT21)


Meg Howells and Jay Staker (MT19, election)

Lottie Sellers and Euan Huey (HT20)

Connie Bostock and Ali Al-Zubaidi (TT20)


Charlotte Austin and Francesca Best (MT18)

Rosie Sourbut and Owen Winter (HT19)

Grace Davies and Arya Tandon (TT19)


Iris Kaye-Smith and Zoe Hodge (MT17)

Keir A Mather and Lizzy Diggins (HT18)

Ray Williams and Anisha Faruk (TT18)


Tom Turner and Tom Wadsworth (MT16)

Lucas Bertholdi-Saad and Katie Oldham (HT17)

Hannah Taylor & Tom Zagoria (TT17, election)


Eleanor Ormsby and David Parton (TT16)

Noni Csogor and Alex Chalmers (HT16)

David Klemperer and Kate Welsh (MT15)


Madalena Leao and Loughlan O’Doherty (TT15)

David Cesar-Heymann and Hannah Lovell (HT15)

Nikhil Venkatesh and Charlie Atkins (MT14)


Orla Oakey and Felix Light (TT14)

Henry Zeffman and Dan Turner (HT14)

Helena Dollimore and Aled Jones (MT13)

Pre- 2013

Tom Adams and David Butler (HT12)

Nicola Sugden and Colin S. Jackson (MT11)

Stephen Bush (TT10)

Scott Seamons (HT09)

Shirley Williams (nee Brittain-Caitlin) (MT50)

Peter Parker (MT48)