Michaelmas Term 2020


Sophie Heath and Matthew Kayanja
Co-chairs 2

Hello! I am Sophie (she/her) in my third year of studying English at Balliol College. I have been a Labour member since I was 17 and have campaigned against the Tories in my home in South West London since then. During my time in OULC I have been Publicity and Women*s officer as well as rampant door knocker. Though this coming term is undoubtedly going to pose new challenges, I am excited by the opportunities a virtual term can offer, and optimistic that OULC will continue to be a fun and inclusive club united by the desire to support key workers and defend those most vulnerable in our community.

Hi I’m Matthew (he/him), one of the OULC co-chairs for this term! Since coming to university, I loved taking part in OULC, and I found it amazing how a student club could have access to some of the most interesting speakers on the left today, be a vibrant social hub, and a positive campaigning force all at the same time! I’ve been so grateful to be involved with the club for many terms now, whether it’s organising panels on institutional racism in the justice system, to campaigning in the pouring rain to (unsuccessfully) unseat Boris Johnson, and have made great friends along the way. Obviously, coronavirus has meant this term, just like last, will have to be slightly different, but I’m confident that OULC will continue to move forward as an amazing community to be a part of. They’ll be plenty of events to take part in, from big speaker events to campaigning, to socials, so I’d encourage everyone, from the new freshers to old finalists (like me) to get involved!

Secretary and Women’s* Officer

Hi! I’m Martha and I’m a second year studying maths and philosophy at Univ. As your secretary I will be emailing you about the OULC events this term, as well as helping organise events, minuting meetings, and keeping the constitution up to date. I’m really excited to meet all our new members this term, hopefully for some in-person events!


Emily PowellEmily P

Hi, I’m Emily (she/her), and I’m a second year studying PPE at Balliol! As treasurer, I’ll be making sure OULC’s finances are running smoothly so we can continue doing all the great things we’re doing and hopefully make them even bigger and better. Feel free to get in touch with any questions on reimbursements, membership costs or anything generally money-related!

Publicity Officer 

Jasper Evans

JasperHey, I’m Jasper Evans (he/him) and I’m a second year PPEist at LMH. As publicity officer I’m in charge of ensuring OULC’s message gets out to the Oxford community at large. This means I’m in charge of all our social media, but also that I help run Look Left, our termly magazine.

If you’d like to contribute, or have any questions at all, please message me on Facebook or email me at jasper.evans@lmh.ox.ac.uk! I look forward to working with you!

Membership Secretary

Alex BrindleAlex Brindle

I will be helping people join, recruiting people, organising college reps, and running the alumni network. If you have any questions, queries, comments or concerns, please don’t hesistate to contact me! I have been in OULC for two years and it has been a consistently great time, so I love to encourage others to give it a try.

Social Secretary and BAME Officer

Anjali Kawa

Disabled Member’s Officer

Hannah PowellHannah

Hi! I’m Hannah (she/her) a 2nd year History student at Worcester and the Disabled Members Officer. My job is to chair the Disabled Members Caucus, organise socials and ensure that appropriate accessibility measures are in place at OULC events. I’m passionate about trade unions, abolishing private schools, and LGBTQ+ rights.

LGBTQIA+ Officer

Jade Calder


Will this do – Hi, I’m Jade (she / her) and starting my second year at St Peter’s where I study History. As LGBTQ+ Rep I’ll be holding causes during each general meeting and attempt to organise some fun and welcoming socials. I hope OULC remains a diverse and open space where people of all sexualities and genders feel valued, and as an aside I’m very much into socialist / queer history (naturally) and extolling the virtues of the people’s republic of Manchester!

Co-Chairs Elect

Sofia Cotterill and Beth NottSofia and Beth

Heya! Our names are Beth and Sofia and we are the OULC co-chair elects for Michaelmas Term 2020. We both study PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) at Brasenose College (and aim to atone for the sins of our not so fabulous forbears). Our role this term is basically to support the rest of the amazing OULC committee and to start prepping for Hilary Term 2021, when we’ll be co-chairs! Please feel free to get in contact about absolutely anything at all or if you have any ideas for Hilary 2021, in terms of speakers

Ex Officio Committee Members


Ali and Connie

Hi! we’re Ali (he/him) and Connie (she/her) and are your ex-officio co-chairs this term. While our role is primarily comprised of convening the Termly General Meeting at the end of term, we are also on hand to support our wonderful co-chairs Sophie and Matthew and the rest of committee with the term

College Reps

Balliol – Michael O’Connor
Brasenose – James Nevett
Christ Church – Joseph Grehan-Bradley
Corpus Christi College – Freya Chambers
Exeter College – Adam Jobling
Hertford College – Jonathan Quin
Jesus College – Charlotte Austin
Keble College – Erin Tunney
Kellogg College – Brahma Mohanty
Lady Margaret Hall – Ben Fraser
Lincoln College – Paul Stephens
Magdalen College – Adam John Ellison
Mansfield – Lottie Sellers
Merton – Lucienne Pullen
New – James Williams
Oriel College – Patrick Hegarty – Morrish
Pembroke College – Iris Kaye-Smith
Queen’s College – Rebecca Brimble
Regent’s Park – Josie Horton
St Anne’s – Felix Bunting
St Catherine’s College – James Evans
St Edmund Hall – Alex Kumar
St Hilda’s – Lola Dickinson
St Hugh’s – Michael Booth
St John’s – Samuel Burns
Somerville College – Alex Nash
Trinity College – Tom Bentley
University College – Connie Bostock
Wadham College – Alex Rostron
Worcester – Matthew Kayanja