Michaelmas Term 2018


Charlotte Austin (Jesus) & Francesca Best (Wadham)


“Hey! A massive welcome from us, Fran (she/her) and Charlotte (she/her) – your Michaelmas 2018 Co-Chairs.

Over our term, we will ensure that the Oxford University Labour Club is true to its core values. We want to bring in speakers from the trade union movement and grass roots campaigners to music artists involved in campaigning for Labour. We also hope to deliver the traditionally packed, social side of the Term Card with events such as Hot Drinks and Discussion, pub crawls and the new hit OULC club night.

Whether you’re an existing or Fresher comrade, we hope to see you at an event soon!”

– Charlotte and Fran



Grace Davis (Hertford)

“Hi! I’m Grace (she/her). As secretary of OULC, my main role will be to keep you updated with what’s going on in the club, and to take the minutes of meetings. I’m also Disabled Students’ Officer, and under that role I represent disabled people, and try to deal with any issues they might have with the Club. Feel free to message or email me (grace.davis@hertford.ox.ac.uk) if you want to talk to me about issues of ableism or the running of the Club.”



Caitlin French (St John’s)

“Hi, I’m Caitlin (she/her), a third year physicist. My role as OULC Treasurer involves keeping records of club finances and making these clear and transparent to all members. I’ll also be collecting money at events, organising fundraising events, and reimbursing officers. I’m really excited to be on the MT18 committee, and I hope I do a good job as Treasurer!”


Publicity Officer


Jay Staker (Queen’s)

“Hi! I’m Jay (he/him) and I will be your Publicity Officer for Michaelmas term. I am responsible for managing OULC’s website and social media pages (I’m the anonymous person behind the OULC logo) and working with the College Reps to publicise our termly events.

I am also Editor-In-Chief of OULC’s termly publication Look Left and manage OULC’s online blog where members publish articles on current affairs and left-wing issues. These articles are shared on social media and many are included in Look Left. If you would like to be published in the blog or in Look Left, and to be able to claim to have a piece of writing in the Bodleian, please pitch your ideas to me at jay.staker@queens.ox.ac.uk . This edition of Look Left is going to be the biggest yet, so get writing!”


Campaigns & External Links OfficerImage may contain: Atticus Stonestrom, text

Atticus Stonestrom (St Hilda’s)

Hello! I’m Atticus (he/him), and I study mathematics. I’ll be campaigns officer this term, so my job is to organize doorknocking sessions for the local party and coordinate OULC’s campaigns on both local and national issues. Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions or concerns! Outside of OULC I generally campaign on homeless rights and can otherwise often be found playing music at Half Moon.


Membership & Alumni Officer  

Ed Lawrence (Jesus)

“Hi, I’m Ed (he/him), a PPEist at Jesus, and I’m Membership Officer for Michaelmas. My role involves reaching potential new members and engaging current ones. The OULC membership is a progressive, open-minded community of individuals who share a socialist vision for the country; it’s also vital resource for campaigning at elections, standing up to social injustices locally, and arguing the case for a Labour government amongst our peers. It’s therefore really important that our membership is large and active. If you’ve got any questions about signing up, fees, or what membership entails then let me know.”


Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 23.43.15Freshers’ Rep

Arya Tandon (Hertford)

“Hey, I’m Arya (he/him), a 2nd-year PPE student at Hertford, and I’m the OULC Freshers’ Rep for Michaelmas! If you’re a fresher and you’re interested in joining the club or just want to know more about us, our events and how you can get involved, get in touch!”


Social SecretaryImage may contain: 1 person, close-up

Rida Vaquas (Wadham)

“Rida (she/her) is a third year History student at St. Hilda’s. Over her time in OULC, she has been Secretary, Campaigns Officer, BAME Officer – but is now excited to be cool enough to be the party secretary.

Outside of being responsible for making OULC Cool and Fun, she likes walks and expresses teenage angst in emo music and reading sad poems.”


Women*s Officer


Lottie Sellers (Mansfield)

“Hi! I’m Lottie (she/her), I study History and I’ll be your Women’s* Officer for MT18. I’m a proud Labour member and Fabian and my goal is to make OULC as welcoming and supportive of women* as possible, ensuring that we make our voices loud and clear both within politics and further afield. I’ll be arranging the women’s* caucuses and debates, and also have plenty of socials planned so we can become friends as well as political allies. On a more serious note though, I really am always here if you want to chat, whether it be about general feminist issues, if you have ideas, concerns or if you simply want an ally to take on the patriarchy with!”



BAME Officer 

Sulamaan Rahim (Wadham)

“Hey, I’m Sulamaan (he/him), a second-year PPEist from Wadham and I’m the BAME Officer for OULC. I’ll be helping to organise BAME events and ensure that BAME members feel comfortable and represented within OULC, by trying to open up dialogue and increase discussion of BAME issues within OULC.”



LGBTQIA+ Officer

 Alex Rostron (Wadham)

“Hi I’m Alex (he/him) and I’m a final year French and Persian student at Wadham college. I’ve been involved with student politics and campaigning throughout my time at Oxford but this is my first position in OULC and I’m very excited to increase the numbers of our LGBT+ members by holding interesting and relevant events as well as a few fun socials. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on alexander.rostron@wadham.ox.ac.uk .”


Disabled Members’ Officer 

Grace Davis (Please see above)


30121861_1732319550168800_1514770127_oCo-Chairs Elect 

Rosie Sourbut (Somerville)

“Hello! I’m Rosie (she/her). This term I’ll be supporting the Michaelmas committee and working with Owen to plan Hilary term. We’re going to run lots of events so please do get involved! I want our club to have as many women involved as possible so if you have any concerns or suggestions do get in touch and we can work together to make OULC a great place for women members.”


29258204_1709601362430681_5091545049208979456_nOwen Winter (Jesus)

“Hi, I’m Owen (he/him) and your Secretary for Trinity term 2018. I study History and Politics at Jesus College, which produced the 2nd best Prime Minister of all time. I’m a rower so expect emails at ungodly times in the morning. Out of Oxford, I’m a director of the Make Votes Matter campaign for Proportional Representation and on the Council of the Electoral Reform Society.”


Ex Officio Committee Members37024747_1780271865397502_2162364674593521664_n.jpg

Anisha Faruk (Queen’s)

“Hi, my name’s Anisha (she/her) and I’m Ex-Co-Chair this term! My role is to act in an advisory manner for the current Co-Chairs since I went through all of this last Trinity with Ray. OULC has been a massive part of my university experience and has become an important forum for me to have dialogue with similarly left-leaning students. I’m a Labour member because I believe that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone. Outside of student politics, I’m interested in journalism and charity work. I’m really excited for this Michaelmas term and eager to meet lots of new OULC members!”



Ray Williams (Wadham)

“I’m Ray (he/him) and painting the town red, pushing our local party to be better, and generally fighting the good fight with the Labour Club has been, without a doubt, the best part of my university experience. I was the Club’s Secretary in Michealmas 2017 and Co-Chair in Trinity 2018. Nowadays I advise the current Committee as an Ex Officio (which mainly means advocating for termly OULC discos). Saving the world, I leave to you.”


College Reps

Balliol – Michael O’Connor
Christ Church – Joseph Grehan-Bradley
Corpus Christi College – Freya Chambers
Exeter College – Adam Jobling
Hertford College – Grace Davis
Jesus College – Charlotte Austin
Keble College – Erin Tunney
Kellogg College – Brahma Mohanty
Lady Margaret Hall – Ben Fraser
Lincoln College – Paul Stephens
Magdalen College – Adam John Ellison
Mansfield – Lottie Sellers
Merton – Francesco Dernie
Oriel College – Patrick Hegarty – Morrish
Pembroke College – Iris Kaye-Smith
The Queen’s College – Meg Howells
St Anne’s – Felix Bunting
St Catherine’s College – James Evans
St Edmund Hall – Alex Kumar
St Hilda’s – Rida Vaquas
St Hugh’s – Michael Booth
St John’s – Samuel Burns
Somerville College – Alex Nash
Trinity College – Charlotte Tosti
University College – Alfie Steer
Wadham College – Alex Rostron
Worcester – Stephan Gaiser-Porter