Trinity Term 2020


Connie Bostock and Ali Zubaidi93652699_255919755546625_210378733792526336_n


Hiya! We’re Connie (she/her) and Ali (he/him) and in addition to us both being PPEists at Univ, we’re also your co-chairs for TT2020.  When elected, we didn’t quite envisage that this term would be like it is now but we’re certainly excited to bring OULC into the 21st century by running its first (and probably last) entirely digital termcard. With a whole host of events in the pipeline; ranging from virtual socials to online pub quizzes to the launch of a new reading group, there will be no shortage of events to sink your teeth into! But before saying more, we should properly introduce ourselves:

I’m Connie (she/her)! I’m really looking forward to being your co-chair for Trinity Term and bringing you lots of digital fun and socialism! Though I do love a bit of strike action, and I am gutted that we won’t be able to take part in any on the ground activism during TT, I am excited to be able to bring you some new events that we can all enjoy. I hope that we are able to use this time to reflect, organise and come back stronger than ever during the next academic year.

 I’m Ali (he/him), a British-Iraqi from Manchester; my heritage has meant that my main interests are the Labour Party’s role in addressing global injustices through an internationalist and fair-minded foreign policy programme as well as development issues. As such, I’m looking forward to organising some outward-looking internationally-focused events for the term-card. Looking beyond these shores has never been more relevant given that the resolution to this pandemic will be based on international cooperation. So keep your eyes peeled for some interesting events! OULC may be going remote this term but we’re certainly not going away!

 It’s also worth noting that, between us, we represent three separate liberation caucuses and that we care deeply about the causes associated with them. We’re working hard to ensure that that representation is reflected in our shiny digital termcard. If you want to know any more about how the club operates or simply want a chat, don’t hesitate to contact us on or or facebook message us if you’re that way inclined. We hope to see all you lovely zoomers on zoom soon!


Hey! I am Jasper (He/him) and I’m a first year PPEist at Lady Margaret Hall. As secretary I’ll be sending you emails in these endlessly unprecedented times! I’m also in charge of minuting meetings, updating the constitution and policy book, and generally getting involved in campaigning and socials!



Martha Storey

I’m Martha (she/her) and I’m a first year maths and philosophy student at univ. My job as treasurer is to keep OULC’s finances sorted, as well as keeping the membership up to date. This means that people are reimbursed when needed, and also that our bang


ing social events can run smoothly. I’m also massively interested in getting the North red again, and hope that as a Southern uni we help campaign for the opportunities that we enjoy while in Oxford to be enjoyed across the UK. If you have any questions about membership or reimbursment, drop me a facebook message or an email at



Publicity Officer 

Tom Rushton

Hey, I’m Tom Rushton (he/him) and I’m a 3rd year PPEist at Regent’s Park. As publicity officer, it’s my job to make sure everyone knows what’s going on at Labour club, so that people can turn up and make the most of the events we’ve got going on. The most

IMG_0057significant part of this is sending out events over facebook and keeping people updated on twitter ( and @oxunilabour, follow us!). This term I will also be making sure we get out another cracking issue of look left. If you fancy contributing please message me on Facebook, or at


Campaigns & External Links Officer

Jacob Meyer

Hi, I’m Jacob (he/him), a second year doing English at Corpus Christi. Campaigns officers normally organise weekly canvassing sessions with the local party, and go further out (to 49664774_1820815528030701_6050186663118766080_omarginals) during general elections. Local elections were due to take place this year on May 7, but have naturally been postponed (until May 2021), so there won’t be much campaigning this term. However, there will be in future – hope to see you there.


Social Secretary & Women’s Officer

Sofia Cotterillpasted image 0

Membership & Alumni Officer 

Emily Passmore


Hi, I’m Emily (she/her), and I’m a first year PPE student at Balliol. As membership officer, I’ll be making sure the club’s records are up to date and working to encourage more people to get involved with OULC, as a member, a college rep or an alumnus. If anyone has any questions about joining, feel free to get in touch!




BAME Officer 

Alex Brindle

I’m Alex (he/him). My aim as BAME officer this term is to organise socials that also try to incorporate topical discussion on BAME issues, as well as promote events that 

Screenshot 2019-04-04 12.00.21highlight important matters in the BAME community. I’m passionate about reform of the justice system, promoting economic democracy and enabling tax justice across the world.




LGBTQIA+ Officer

Ed Lawrence

EdHey! I’m Ed (he/him), a third-year PPEist and your LGBTQIA+ Officer. That means I’m here to make sure the Club is a welcoming environment for all our members, regardless of gender or sexuality. If that ever isn’t the case, please let me know! Each General Meeting we’ll get together as a caucus, and there’ll be a queer social as well. See you around!




Co-Chairs Elect

Sophie Heath and Matthew Kayanja


Hi I’m Sophie (she/her) and I study English at Balliol. I’ve been on O


ULC committee before as publicity and women’s officer and am looking forward to Trinity term as co-chair elect with Matthew. It is mine and Matthew’s job to support Connie and Ali in what will be OULC’s first virtual term. We hope that as strange as events are the club makes the most of the time we have to stand us in good stead for Michaelmas (when hopefully things are a little bit more normal). If you have any questions free to contact me on Facebook or email


Hi I’m Matthew (he/him). I’m a second year PPEist studying at Worcester College. I’ve been involved with the Labour Club for over three terms now, and enjoyed every second of it. As co-chair elect with Sophie, I hope to assist Ali and Connie in continuing the Labour Club’s activities even in this difficult time, and look forward to promoting the Labour Party cause in any way we can!

Ex Officio Committee Members

Lottie and Euan

Lottie Sellers and Euan Huey

Hi we are Lottie (she/her) and Euan (he/him). We were the co-chairs in Hilary 2020 and this term we will be helping Connie and Alie with any advice and assistance they might need. We hope it will be a great term!



College Reps

Balliol – Michael O’Connor
Brasenose – James Nevett
Christ Church – Joseph Grehan-Bradley
Corpus Christi College – Freya Chambers
Exeter College – Adam Jobling
Hertford College – Jonathan Quin
Jesus College – Charlotte Austin
Keble College – Erin Tunney
Kellogg College – Brahma Mohanty
Lady Margaret Hall – Ben Fraser
Lincoln College – Paul Stephens
Magdalen College – Adam John Ellison
Mansfield – Lottie Sellers
Merton – Lucienne Pullen
New – James Williams
Oriel College – Patrick Hegarty – Morrish
Pembroke College – Iris Kaye-Smith
Queen’s College – Rebecca Brimble
Regent’s Park – Josie Horton
St Anne’s – Felix Bunting
St Catherine’s College – James Evans
St Edmund Hall – Alex Kumar
St Hilda’s – Lola Dickinson
St Hugh’s – Michael Booth
St John’s – Samuel Burns
Somerville College – Alex Nash
Trinity College – Tom Bentley
University College – Connie Bostock
Wadham College – Alex Rostron
Worcester – Matthew Kayanja