Hilary Term 2019


Owen Winter (Jesus) & Rosie Sourbut (Somerville)

rosie and owen

“Hi we are Rosie (she/her) and Owen (he/him) and we are OULC’s co-chairs for Hilary term 2019. We are super excited to be working with this term’s committee to deliver debates, speakers, socials and campaigning, every week. As co-chairs, we want to reach out to Oxford students and make the case that Labour is the only party committed to transforming society in the interests of the many, not the few. We are hosting speakers from across the Labour Party for stimulating panel discussions and Q&A sessions, organising opportunities for campaigning around Oxford and socials including Pizza and Politics, pub crawls and the John Smith Memorial Dinner. Whether you are a fresher or a fourth year, Labour veteran or newbie, we hope to see you at an OULC event soon!”

– Rosie and Owen

Secretary and Women*s Officer


Lottie Sellers (Mansfield)

“Hi, my name’s Lottie Sellers (she/her). I’m a second year historian at Mansfield, a Labour member and Fabian, and I’m the OULC Secretary and also its Women’s* Officer. The former role means that I am the one responsible for compiling the agendas for and of minuting our meetings, and ensuring that the Club sticks to its constitution and university regulations. In my capacity as Women’s* Officer, I work to ensure that the liberation of all women* is at the forefront of the Club’s agenda and that those who identify as female or who have faced oppression as a woman feel comfortable, happy, supported and safe. Keep your eyes peeled for socials and speaker events, and drop me an email at my personal address (charlotte.sellers@mansfield.ox.ac.uk) any time – I’m always free for a chat and open to any suggestions or queries you might have!”




Jay Staker (Queen’s)

“Hiya! I’m Jay (he/him) and I will be your Treasurer for Hilary term 2019! I am mainly responsible for managing the Club’s finances and am committed to ensuring that all of our financial transactions are transparent and accountable to our members. We remain committed to providing a range of high-quality events, speakers and discussions which are free to members and the broader community. We will also be running our termly club night to raise money for a charity chosen by the membership. If you have any questions or concerns about membership or event costs or require reimbursement for activities performed on behalf of the Club, do get in contact at: jay.staker@queens.ox.ac.uk .”


Publicity Officer


Meg Howells (Queen’s)

“Hello! I’m Meg (she/her), a second-year lawyer at Queen’s, and I am over the moon to be your Publicity Officer for Hilary term! I am responsible for managing OULC’s website and social media, as well as working with the College Reps to publicise our events. I am also Editor-In-Chief of OULC’s termly publication, Look Left, and the blog where members publish articles on current affairs and left-wing issues. If you would like to be published in Look Left, please pitch your ideas to me at megan.howells@queens.ox.ac.uk. I’m looking forward to seeing your submissions!”


Campaigns & External Links Officerkieron.jpg

Kieron Haley (Worcester College)

Hey! I’m Kieron (he/him), a second year doing maths and philosophy at Worcester. As campaigns officer, it’s my job to organise our weekly canvassing sessions for the local party and to coordinate our campaigns on both local and national issues. You can find our latest campaign events on the OULC Facebook page. Get in touch if you have any questions, and I hope you’ll come along to some of our campaigning events!


Membership & Alumni Officer  

Euan Huey (Univeuan

“Hi, I’m Euan (he/him), a first-year historian at Univ, and I’m Membership Officer for Hilary term. My role involves reaching potential new members and engaging current ones. The OULC membership is a diverse, compassionate and friendly community, who share a passion for changing this country. Our membership also forms a powerful voice in the local community and in the university, serving as a source for electoral campaigning as well as standing against social injustice. If you’ve got any questions about signing up, fees, or what membership entails then let me know.



Social Secretary and Disabled Students Officerisabella

Isabella Welch (Brasenose)

“Heya everyone! I’m Isabella from Bristol West, and I’m currently trying hard to read books for my actual English degree instead of endless political theory and policy reports. This term I will be organising the social events for the club (culminating in the almighty third Dance Kapital!), so if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see the Labour Club do, or how to make socials more accessible, please get in contact with me! Additionally, as the Disabled Students Officer, if anyone who suffers from a disability (both physical and mental health issues included), please feel free to talk to me. It could be to have a complaining session about the post-austerity NHS, to discuss event ideas, or just to talk about health problems – I’m here to make the club accessible in any way that will help.”


Women*s Officer

Lottie Sellers (See above)



BAME Officer 

Ali Al-Zubaidi (Univ)

Hi there! I’m Ali (he/him), a first-year PPEist at Univ and I will be your BAME officer for TT19. My main role will be to ensure that BAME students feel welcome and represented in the club. I hope to do this by running a number of caucus-specific socials and events as well as raising the profile of BAME-specific issues within OULC. I am also always available – my email is ali.al-zubaidi@univ.ox.ac.uk – if anyone wants to have a chat about something that concerns them or otherwise.



LGBTQIA+ Officer

Luke Dunne (Christ Church)

“My name is Luke(he/him). As LGBTQ+ rep, my role isn’t just about creating a welcoming space for queer people within labour, but promoting queer activism, causes and ideas wherever possible. In my term, I’m hoping not only to run some fab socials, but also organise at speakers on specifically LGBTQ+ issues and push activism for LGBTQ+ rights within the wider OULC effort as much as possible!


Disabled Members’ Officer 

Isabella Welch (See above)

graceCo-Chairs Elect 

Grace Davis (Hertford)

Hi! I’m Grace (she/her), I study PPE at Hertford and am very excited to be Co-chair elect alongside Arya this term. Our role this term will be to prepare speakers and events for our co-chair term in Trinity. However, I have also previously held caucus positions along with various other positions on the exec, so feel free to approach me about any issues within the club!


aryaArya Tandon (Hertford)

“Hi, I’m Arya (he/him), a 2nd-year PPEist at Hertford and a proud Mancunian! From listening to people on the doorstep to making great friends, the Club’s been a big part of my time at Oxford. I’m really looking forward to planning the Labour Club’s termcard for Trinity term with Grace, as well as supporting the current committee in whatever way I can. If you’ve got any ideas or thoughts on the future of the Club and its activities, please feel free to get in touch!”


Ex Officio Committee Membersfran

Charlotte Austin (Jesus) and Francesca Best (Wadham)

“Hi from Fran (she/her) and Charlotte (she/her). We’re this terms Ex officio Co- chairs. This basically means that we were Co-chairs last term and we’re now here to ensure Owen and Rosie get all the help they need in their new roles. It’s a pleasure to be on committee again. Here’s to a great Hilary term!”


College Reps
Balliol – Michael O’Connor
Brasenose – Isabella Welch
Christ Church – Joseph Grehan-Bradley
Corpus Christi College – Freya Chambers
Exeter College – Adam Jobling
Hertford College – Jonathan Quin
Jesus College – Charlotte Austin
Keble College – Erin Tunney
Kellogg College – Brahma Mohanty
Lady Margaret Hall – Ben Fraser
Lincoln College – Paul Stephens
Magdalen College – Adam John Ellison
Mansfield – Lottie Sellers
Merton – Lucienne Pullen
New – James Williams
Oriel College – Patrick Hegarty – Morrish
Pembroke College – Iris Kaye-Smith
Queen’s College – Rebecca Brimble
Regent’s Park – Josie Horton
St Anne’s – Felix Bunting
St Catherine’s College – James Evans
St Edmund Hall – Alex Kumar
St Hilda’s – Lola Dickinson
St Hugh’s – Michael Booth
St John’s – Samuel Burns
Somerville College – Alex Nash
Trinity College – Tom Bentley
University College – Alfie Steer
Wadham College – Alex Rostron
Worcester – Matthew Kayanja