Trinity Term 2022


Maia Hamilton and Hari Bravery 

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Hi, I’m Maia (she/her), a second year Chemist at New College, and I’ll be one of your co-chairs in Trinity Term 2022. In my time at Oxford, I’ve found OULC to be one of the most interesting and fun places here, and I’m really looking forward to welcoming any new and curious Labour supporters this term. Hari and I have been working really hard on creating a term card that I hope you’ll all enjoy, and so I can’t wait to see you all at our events!


Hey! I’m Hari (he/they), a second year English student at Univ, and alongside Maia I will be serving as your co-chair for Trinity term. The goal is to make OULC bigger and better than ever, with more speakers, more campaigning and more socials than ever before. With a local election and a packed termcard (Maia and I’s baby), this should be a term to remember. Whether you’re an Oxford Labour loyalist or have never attended any of our events it would be great to see you at OULC this term. I am immensely proud of the committee we have assembled and can’t wait to get going! As always, feel free to drop me a message if you have any queries about the club and what we do.



Els Staddon

Hi, I’m Els (she/her), a first year history student at Merton college and your treasurer for TT22. I will be responsible for the clubs finances and making sure we can continue to afford to put on our amazing events. I also have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Labour history, with a passion for Labour women’s history, which means I am fully aware that the first woman to be OULC’s treasurer was none other than our Red Queen Barbara Castle, who wasn’t wrong when she said the best thing about Oxford was the OULC!


Communications Officer

Maddy Colbourn
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Hi, I’m Maddy (she/her), a second year historian at Keble. I’m so excited to be your communications officer this term and be able to connect with members in a more personal way through social media. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see all the amazing events we have planned!

Membership Secretary

Lucy Bankslucy

Hi, I’m Lucy – I’m a second year history student at New College and thrilled to be OULC’s membership officer for this term. I’m really hoping to promote our access membership and get more members signed up, as well as strengthening our alumni network. I’ll also be taking membership at our events, so do come along to our talks and socials to give me something to do!

Social Secretary 

James Melia

Hi, I’m James (he/him) and I’m a first year PPE student at Magdalen. I’ll be OULC’s social secretary for this term. I will be putting on a wide range of social events, including weekly Beer and Bickering. I’m a committed Labour member and a passionate hater of the Tories. Get involved and see you next term!

Campaigns Officer

Jed Knight


Hey, I’m Jed (he/him), a first year PPE student at St Hilda’s and the Campaigns and External Links Officer for TT22. With Oxford City Council elections fast approaching, I look forward to seeing many of you out on the doorstep for our (at least!) weekly OULC canvassing sessions. I’m striving to make campaigns a broader and more inclusive group so if there’s anything you’re worried about or is putting you off joining us, just drop me a message and we can sort it. Let’s keep our council red!

Publications Officer

Daniel Harrison


I am Daniel Harrison (he/him), a second-year History and Politics student at Worcester College. I am the publications officer, so I am responsible for producing content on our blog, which you can find on the website. I will also be putting together ‘Look Left,’ which is the club’s magazine and includes articles on Labour’s history, its internal politics and debates about Labour’s future. If anybody would like to write something, pitch me your idea! Outside of politics, I love all things German, Liverpool FC, tennis, running and reading.

Welfare Officer

Hayden Barneshayden

Hi! My name’s Hayden, and I’m acting as your Welfare Officer this term. My job is to make sure the OULC remains a safe, inviting community. I look after our members, ensuring that no one feels left out or underrepresented by the OULC. If you have any welfare concerns or general questions get in touch!

Disabled Member’s Officer

Anas Dayeh275660991_1116264395892592_8023187272024355283_n

Hey everyone, I’m Anas. A first year PPE student at St John’s and for this term I’m OULC’s Disabilities Officer. I’ll do my best to continue the work of previous committee members on expanding the existing welcoming and inclusive nature of OULC. If you have any concerns or queries just approach me in person or drop me a message.

Women*’s Officer

Sharon Chau


Hi everyone! I’m Sharon, and I’m a second-year PPE student at Univ. I’m incredibly excited to be your Women*s Officer for TT22 – we’re planning to organise women*s socials in collaboration with feminist societies across the university. I’m also keen on getting more women* politicians to come speak, and to get more women* involved with OULC. If you want to be added to the OULC women*s group chat or have any questions, please reach out!


BAME Officer

Kwabena OseiKwabena

Hi everyone! My name is Kwabena and I’m proud to be OULC’s BAME Officer for this term! I’m currently in my second year studying History and Politics at Corpus Christi College, and I’m looking forward to putting on socials and other events that help to encourage and inspire OULC’s BAME community, as well as BAME students at Oxford who are interested in politics in general!


LGBTQIA+ Officer

Alex Beard


Hi, I’m Alex and I will be representing OULC’s queer community in my capacity as LGBT+ Officer this term. I see the role as both pastoral and political, ensuring that OULC is a safe space for queer students and listening to their concerns, as well as fighting on behalf of the community for issues that affect us. In the current climate, this especially means taking a resolute stand against transphobia and fighting for trans equality. I can’t wait to meet more queer people at OULC events!


Co-Chairs Elect

Maddie Cooke and Bella Simpson


Hi, My name is Maddie. Bella and I will be your co-chairs elect this term. We will be working alongside committee to ensure that OULC continues to work as effectively and inclusively as possible. Whilst remaining engaged with this term’s activities, myself and Bella will be organising OULC’s Michaelmas Term. If you’d like any information on how to become more involved, shoot me a message. I’d welcome any suggestions on how you’d like to see the club improve, OULC is a collaborative endeavour and our community is essential to what we do. I’m most looking forward to a covid-free trinity term out in the sun, pimms and politics in the park anyone?


Hi my name is Bella (she / her) and I will be one of your co-chair elects for this term. Last term I had the great privilege of being your Campaigns Officer. This term I will be working alongside Maddie to plan our term: Michaelmas 2022 and helping with this term’s events.

Our Labour Movement means an awful lot to me and I am proud to be a part of it. I am a staunch trade unionist with our connections to the trade union movement being something that I will always fight to protect.

I am dedicated to ensuring that OULC represents all. I have previously worked with LGBT+ Labour on events and I am proud to be an ally of the Jewish Labour Movement. Maddie and I want OULC to be a safe and welcoming space for all. To stand in solidarity is to have one another’s back. That is what the Labour movement is about and what drives us here at OULC.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns and I will see you all for some left wing karaoke! (i.e. many spirits and PULP!)

Co-Chairs Ex-Officio

Danny Leach and Amy Field

Screenshot 2021-10-01 at 23.16.53

Hi! I’m Danny (he/him), and I’m a second year PPE student at Pembroke. This term I’ll be your co-chair “ex-officio” which means I’ll be advising Hari and Maia, to support their fantastic work putting the term together. I’ll also be trying to engage alumni better in order to raise money for the club, and if you can stomach the general meetings, I’ll be there to chair them – but don’t let that put you off!

243764466_1504098109954065_2408014580042306438_nHi, I’m Amy and I’m Cochair Ex Officio for TT22! I’m a passionate Socialist and am passionate about connecting OULC to the wider Labour Movement, especially Trade Unions. I loved running OULC last term with Danny and can’t wait to jump into the Ex Officio role and reinvigorating the Attlee association whilst also lending Maia and Hari and hand as well! Being involved in OULC has been the highlight so far of my time in Oxford, so I’d encouraged any student with left wing leanings to come and get involved!

College Reps

If you have any questions about OULC please feel free to contact your college rep. If your college doesn’t have a college rep and you would like to be a rep for OULC please email

Balliol – Amy Field

Brasenose – 

Christ Church – Eliza Dean

Corpus Christi College – 

Exeter College – Claudia Bullmore

Harris Manchester – 

Hertford College – Alex Fish

Jesus College – 

Keble College – Hayden Barnes

Kellogg College – 

Lady Margaret Hall – Danial Hussain

Lincoln College – 

Magdalen College – Luca Geary

Mansfield –

Merton – Kieran Wetherick

New College – Maia Hamilton

Oriel College – 

Pembroke College – Danny Leach

Queen’s College – Sophia Payne

Regent’s Park – 

St Anne’s – Jake Milikan

St Benet’s Hall – George Weir

St Catherine’s College – 

St Edmund Hall – 

St Hilda’s – Ethan Dodd

St Hugh’s – 

St John’s – Louis Hill

St Peter’s – Patrick Clarke

Somerville College – 

Trinity College – 

University College – Toni Ledda and Hari Bravery

Wadham –

Worcester – Ambrin Shafiq