Hilary Term 2018


Lizzy Diggins (Wadham) & Keir Mather (Wadham)


“Hi, I’m Lizzy (she/ her). As a second year History student at Wadham, I will be dedicating most of my life this term to ensuring that the Labour Club is fun, welcoming and accessible to all. Keir and I have organised political discussion and panel events, campaigning sessions, and plenty of socials for the club this term, so keep an eye out for term cards soon! We want to focus on ensuring that everyone feels able and welcome to join in at our events. If you have any questions or issues at all, do not hesitate to get in touch with me (elizabeth.diggins@wadham.ox.ac.uk) or the club!”


Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 23.06.00“Hello everyone! My name’s Keir, Labour Club Co-Chair for Hilary Term, and I’m a second year History and Politics student at Wadham College. I first joined the Labour Party on Christmas Day 2014 (what a present), and since then have made it my mission to give back to this Party everything that it has provided for me and my family! As Co-Chair, my job is to work with my amazing counterpart Lizzy to carry out the day to day running of the Club, as well as arranging speaker events, trips, and the term card as a whole. This is as well as trying to make a real difference in the city of Oxford, a place we should all be very proud to call our home. I want to make sure we have the biggest and most action-packed term OULC has seen for years. I can’t wait to make that a reality with all of you!”


Charlotte Austin (Jesus)

“Hi, I’m Charlotte (she/her), a 2nd year historian at Jesus and your minute-taker this term. I’m a proud democratic socialist and I run a left-wing bookshop in Durham. My favourite Labour leader of all time is George Lansbury. My other interests are football and memes.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 23.06.41


Francesca Best (Wadham)

“Hi! I’m Francesca (she/her) and I’m a first year at Wadham studying PPE.. so my involvement in student politics makes me a brazen stereotype. I am currently in charge of the People’s spreadsheet.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 23.27.19

Campaigns & External Links Officer

Rida Vaquas (St Hilda’s)



“Hi, I’m Rida (she/her). I’m the Campaigns Officer for this term. My role is to co-ordinate campaigning sessions with the local party so we can talk to as many voters as possible and turn your campaigning priorities into a reality, on local and national issues. If you have any questions about campaigning and what it involves, please contact me. Outside of Labour Club activity, I like reading poetry and going on long walks“


Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 23.32.37Membership & Alumni Officer  

Emily Charley (Wadham)

“Hello, my name is Emily Charley, Hilary Term Membership Officer and resident Excel pro extraordinaire #gcseICT. Would refer to myself as Newer Labour (aka I have no idea what’s going on, I just really like Jezza). Prospective members start here! If you can’t find me in the catacombs of Orinst, you may spot me frequenting KA (and subsequently Bridge).”


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 00.59.39.pngPublicity Officer 

Jake Davies (Queen’s)

“Hi, I’m Jake (he/him) and I study History & Politics at Queen’s. As Publicity Officer, my job is to keep people informed about the club on social media, as well as helping edit and publish our fantastic blog Look Left – we are particularly keen to receive articles from women and other marginalised voices this term, so please write in! When not helping with OULC, I’m probably making memes about New Statesman columnist Stephen Bush, or getting annoyed at Everton FC, my football team.”


theo 2

Social Secretary 

Theo Anton (Wadham)


“Hi, I’m Theo (he/him), a 2nd year Wadham physicist, and I’m the social sec of OULC this term. This means I organise socials including but not limited to drinks events, Hot drinks & discussion, film screenings, quiz nights and post-campaigning socials. It’s really important that the Labour club is a space where people can have fun and feel comfortable as a group, so we are always committed to keeping the ‘social’ in ‘democratic socialism’!”

rowan 2

Women’s Officer 

Rowan Morris (Wadham)

“Hey, I’m Rowan – an ex engineer and soon-to-be computer scientist. I care very much about women and Labour and dogs.”




Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 23.43.15.pngBAME+ Officer 

Arya Tandon (Hertford)

“Hey, I’m Arya (he/him), a first-year PPE student at Hertford, and I’m the BAME Officer for OULC! I want to encourage open and balanced dialogue about BAME-related issues, and increase the club’s involvement in university-wide campaigns. Feel free to get in touch if you want to join our BAME Caucus FB page, or if you have any thoughts or ideas in general!”

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 23.45.20.png

LGBTQIA+ Officer 

Grace Davis (Hertford)

“I’m Grace (she/her). As LGBT Officer I will be helping to organise LGBT events and making sure that LGBT people are represented in our Labour club.”



Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 23.49.20

Disabled Members’ Officer 

Rosie Sourbut (Somerville)

“Hello! I’m Rosie (she/her), the Disabled Members’ Officer for OULC this term and a fresher studying English at Somerville College. I’m really excited to work with other disabled members to make sure our club is inclusive and campaign on disability issues! I’m a socialist, feminist and environmentalist and I’ve been a Labour Party  member and activist since I was 14. Please get in touch with any disability-related questions or concerns!”

Co-Chairs Elect 

Anisha Faruk (Queen’s) & Ray Williams (Wadham)

“Hi, my name’s Anisha (she/her) and I’m current co-chair-elect. My role is to support the current co-chairs, help publish Look Left and prepare the term card for next Trinity term! I’ve been involved with protests against Trump, the Oxford City Living Wage Campaign and this term I’m hoping to bring environmentalism to the forefront of OULC!”

“I’m Ray (he/him) and I study Human Sciences at Wadham College. As Co-Chair Elect, I’ll be working with Anisha to make sure that next term is a great one for OULC. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any thoughts about Trinity Term! Also, I’m now on Twitter. Just FYI.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 00.08.28.png

Ex Co-Chairs

Iris Kaye-Smith (Pembroke) and Zoe Hodge (Mansfield)

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 00.11.14.png


“I’m Iris (she/her), I’m a former co-chair from Pembroke College & my ex-officio role is to manage the club’s alumni relations.“






“I’m Zoe (she/her). I was Women’s Officer for two terms before being elected as Co-Chair along with Iris Kaye-Smith for Michaelmas 2017. I read History at Mansfield, mainly as a cover for complaining about Labour’s Brexit policy in the King’s Arms.“



College Reps

Balliol – Elliot Jones/ Michael O’Connor

Christ Church – Joseph Grehan Bradley

Corpus Christi College – Freya Chambers

Exeter College – Adam Jobling

Hertford College – Grace Davis

Jesus College – Charlotte Austin

Keble College – Erin Tunney

Kellogg College – Brahma Mohanty

Lady Margaret Hall – Ben Fraser

Lincoln College – Paul Stephens

Magdalen College – Adam John Ellison

Mansfield College – Zoe Hodge

Merton – Francesco Dernie

New College – Stephen Horvath

Oriel College – Patrick Hegarty-Morrish

Pembroke College – Iris Kaye-Smith

Queen’s College – Jake Davies

St Anne’s – Tom Zagoria

St Catherine’s College – James Evans

St Edmund Hall – Alex Kumar

St Hilda’s – Rida Vaquas

St Hugh’s – Hannah Taylor

St John’s – Samuel Burns

Somerville College – Alex Nash

Trinity College – Charlotte Tosti

University College – Alfie Steer

Wadham College – Daniel Antonio Villar

Worcester College – Stephan Gaiser-Porter