The Case Against First Past the Post

Jasper Evans It is a tale as old as time. The years of a new government drag on, the opposition, without an election in sight, gets restless. The idea of endorsing electoral reform once again pops up, its name having been hesitantly called. Yet again the Labour party is considering a switch away from firstContinue reading “The Case Against First Past the Post”


Maureen Colquhoun: An Obituary

Sabrina Coghlan-Jasiewicz The start of this year’s LGBTQ+ history month has brought with it the saddening death of Maureen Colquhoun, the first openly lesbian MP in British history. She died on the 2nd February at 92 years of age, leaving behind three children and a truly impressive legacy that we must endeavour never to forget.Continue reading “Maureen Colquhoun: An Obituary”

Edward Mundy: Oxford City Council Candidate Profile

Hello, I am Edward Mundy. I am running for Labour in the Holywell ward for the City Council Elections in May 2021 along with Imogen Thomas. I first moved to Oxford over ten years ago and before this it was my father’s hometown whilst I was growing up. Over this time, like other residents IContinue reading “Edward Mundy: Oxford City Council Candidate Profile”

Alex Hollingsworth: Oxford City Council Candidate Profile

I joined the Labour Party in the aftermath of the 1987 General Election, just as I started as an undergraduate student at the LSE. What drove me then, and still drives me today, are three things. First, that societies based on equality for all are better than those that are not, and that the pursuitContinue reading “Alex Hollingsworth: Oxford City Council Candidate Profile”

Imogen Thomas: Oxford City Council Candidate Profile

Hi! I’m Imogen, the Labour City Council candidate for Holywell ward. I’ve studied, lived and worked in Oxford for several years and I’ve been a Labour activist throughout. I graduated from my Master’s at Somerville College last year and now I work for the University at the Weston Library. I’ve been organising in local politicsContinue reading “Imogen Thomas: Oxford City Council Candidate Profile”