A Terrible Pool of Human Misery and Unhappiness

Ella Staddon, Co Chair-Elect MT22 In 1967, David Steel brought forward the seventh attempt in 14 years to decriminalise abortion in the UK. Nearly word-perfect to the four attempts that had been introduced since 1965, it had been co-sponsored and drafted by Labour MP Renée Short, whose crusade to reform abortion law had begun uponContinue reading “A Terrible Pool of Human Misery and Unhappiness”

8 Labour Women You Should Know About

Ella Staddon, Treasurer TT22 Originally written for Women’s History Month (although in my world, every month is women’s history month), I wanted to put to good use my knowledge of Labour women’s history to highlight eight Labour women MPs of the 20th century who should be better known. Despite making massive contributions, these women rarelyContinue reading “8 Labour Women You Should Know About”

I will fight for what I believe in until I drop dead, and that’s what keeps you alive

Ella Staddon, Treasurer TT22 Twenty years ago today, Labour’s Red Queen Barbara Castle died of pneumonia, a cause of death she had predicted nearly 25 years earlier joking about her inability to dress appropriately for British weather. A pioneer for women in politics, Castle’s legacy can be seen on the Labour benches in the womenContinue reading “I will fight for what I believe in until I drop dead, and that’s what keeps you alive”

Fighting the Age War: A One-Sided Battle

By Danny Leach, Co-Chair It was reported in the i newspaper earlier this week that the Government is understood to be planning a change to the terms of student loans. The repayment threshold will be dropped to £25,000 from the already long-frozen £27,295 and, even worse, the length of time over which graduates will beContinue reading “Fighting the Age War: A One-Sided Battle”