I will fight for what I believe in until I drop dead, and that’s what keeps you alive

Ella Staddon, Treasurer TT22 Twenty years ago today, Labour’s Red Queen Barbara Castle died of pneumonia, a cause of death she had predicted nearly 25 years earlier joking about her inability to dress appropriately for British weather. A pioneer for women in politics, Castle’s legacy can be seen on the Labour benches in the womenContinue reading “I will fight for what I believe in until I drop dead, and that’s what keeps you alive”

Fighting the Age War: A One-Sided Battle

By Danny Leach, Co-Chair It was reported in the i newspaper earlier this week that the Government is understood to be planning a change to the terms of student loans. The repayment threshold will be dropped to £25,000 from the already long-frozen £27,295 and, even worse, the length of time over which graduates will beContinue reading “Fighting the Age War: A One-Sided Battle”

The Not-So-Radical Case for a Universal Basic Income

By Sharon Chau, Communications Officer Capitalism is crumbling. Income inequality is sky-high, and has been increasing across the board in both developing and developed countries. Automation will lead to a disastrous displacement of labour – 47% of all current jobs in the U.S. might be fully automated by 2033,[1] while a staggering 85% of jobs inContinue reading “The Not-So-Radical Case for a Universal Basic Income”

The Ultimate Barbara Castle Reading List

By Ella Staddon, Women*s Officer As you may have noticed, last term the annual Barbara Castle lecture was unfortunately not included on the OULC term card. But as your Women*s Officer and local Barbara Castle fangirl, I feel sufficiently qualified to write an article detailing the various books, articles, online lectures and podcasts that mightContinue reading “The Ultimate Barbara Castle Reading List”