Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) is the largest and most influential university Labour club in the UK. Founded in 1919, OULC has been promoting democratic socialism and progressive politics in Oxford for nearly a hundred years.

Last year, hundreds of OULC members campaigned in the 2017 General Election, helping to increase our majority here in Oxford East to 65.2% and gain Battersea, Kensington and Croydon Central from the Tories. With the collapse of Theresa May’s government looking ever more likely by the day, OULC remains on a general election footing.

We are determined to build on our progress locally. OULC will be taking part in weekly campaigning sessions throughout Michaelmas and will be fighting a council by-election in 2nd week. Michaelmas 2018 will be unequivocally about championing the interests of the working class and how we can continue the socialist transformation of the Labour Party set in motion by the election of Jeremy Corbyn as our leader in 2015.

OULC is known for holding some of the best speaker events in Oxford. Avoiding a focus on big name speakers, Michaelmas term will host groups and individuals from across the grassroots of the Labour movement who will provide invaluable insights into the future and direction of our movement. The term will be completed by our themed hot drinks and discussion events, pub crawls, culminating in ‘Dance Kapital, Volume II: I’m loving Engels Instead’ at Plush. If you’re a fresher, make sure to come along to our Welcome Drinks at the start of term to learn all about OULC and meet our wonderful Committee! You can also join up on the night.

With the Tories on the verge of collapse; with Britain crying out for an end to this rigged economy; with a precarious work and homelessness crisis on our doorsteps here in Oxford, the work of Labour and OULC has never been so important. We hope you will join us, to help build a country run for the many, not the few.

Your Co-Chairs

Charlotte and Fran.