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Welcome to the Oxford Labour Club (OLC), the largest and oldest university Labour club in the country. Since 1919 the club has been the home of the Labour movement at Oxford, hosting prominent speakers, interesting panels, and fun socials.

In Hilary 2023 we will aim to carry forwards the spirit of this rich and varied history. We have a thorough mix of events, from campaigning to crewdates lined up, and views from across the party and indeed the wider Labour movement to be heard. We will be commissioning more blog posts on a range of current affairs and hopefully in the process establishing ourselves as a home of amicable socialist discussion.

Whether you’d like to simply come to our speaker and panel events, try your hand at debate, write about something important to you, or even join our committee, there’s something for everyone at OLC.

If you have any questions at all, have an idea for an event/campaign, or want to know how you can get involved, then contact us at oxunilabour@gmail.com, on Facebook, or on our Twitter or Instagram, both @oxunilabour.  

In solidarity, your Chair, 

Ella Staddon

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The best places to keep in the loop with OLC is through our Facebook or Instagram pages – all speaker events, campaigning session, socials and notices of meetings are posted there. Like all good politicians, we are also active on Twitter, so follow us there to keep up to date with us!